Internship at Tongji University, Shanghai, China

In this series of articles I will try to give an honest look into my time in China, which will be from my perspective as an artist and based on my personal development. So at first I will give a little bit of info about myself and how this whole thing came to be.

Until last year I would have described myself as someone who seeks security in life and in my music, which is in my opinion not very beneficial as an artist. But since then I have continuously confronted myself with situations in which I could adress my weakness. I experimented with different forms of art, which I had not done before and therefore challenged my perfectionist self. For example I attended a choreography workshop for performance and had to present my “works” in front of professional dancers. As someone who had nearly zero experience in working with my body as a form of expressing myself, suffers from stage fright and is prone to feel inadequate about his art this was pretty scary.

In this time I had to apply for an internship for the seventh semester of the Musikdesign program at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen. I wanted to work with dancers to get insight in a field, in which I had not worked before. As I wanted to work creative and not only as an assistant and most small productions, in which this would be possible, would not fit the requirements of the internship, I applied at Universities with a program for choreographers to work with different people under one roof. One day, as we talked about the application process, which was a little slow-going for me, Florian Käppler the director of Musikdesign suggested to do my internship at Tongji University in Shanghai, where I could also work with designers, architects, etc. This offer was a little frightening at first, as it would be my first temporary stay abroad, but it quickly grew on me. The people over at Tongji were very friendly and welcoming, making many exceptions for me to do my internship and were helping with the application process and the organisation.

And now I will be flying tomorrow. I started to learn chinese, which I like and am curious as how well I am able to use it. I’m very excited and a little bit frightened. So let’s see what happens :)