melts (2018)

Audio/Video installation // experimental shortfilm

5.1 channel Audio, Full HD, 18’50’’

melts explores the optics and sonics of myriad hallucinatory experiences — mind-altering fever dreams, drug use, meditative trance. Everyday objects lose their perceived properties and transform into something often obscured, magnified, augmented.

A surface altered by smoldering fires, gradually decaying, going through permutations of itself accompanied by the sound of sudden splits in its structure. Revealing new shapes in a rhythm of rest and activity in different degrees of intensity inherent in every organic process, movement and stasis.

A natural process of transformation as a starting point fuels and is amplified by algorithmically generated distortions, gradually liquifying motions and sonics, introducing patterns of discoloration, and expanding directions of movement as well as periods of apparent motionlessness. The material dissolves completely in a viscous mass of iridescent colours and timbres interrupted by rhythms resulting from the mode of digital Processing.

Watching the movement in the smoldering embers of a burning cigarette fascinates me beyond its superficial makeup. melts searches for ways to expand on that allure without introducing foreign materials, only through enlarging it beyond recognition in every dimension. It extends an invitation to take in the plethora of details of the source as well as the utilized process in a constantly changing image and soundscape through an ever dilating time scale.